Simeral Construction has been operating in Central PA since 1987. We are passionate about providing our clients with the finest quality of products and services. Whether it’s a custom design built new home, renovation, custom cabinetry, or a commercial project, Simeral strives to deliver unmatched craftsmanship on each project. Regardless of the size or scope of work, Simeral’s goal is to delight our clients! We are an award-winning company that continues to gain recognition due to our dedication and we're looking for an experienced Foreman and lead carpenter to join the team and continue to grow with us.

A Working Foreman is a key part of the management of a project and critical to a successful and profitable job. He or she must be an active manager of the construction site, proactive, communicate well, think outside the box, and not only plan ahead for more than just a week, but look out and plan weeks and months ahead.

A working foreman will be expected to manage one to three jobs at any given time depending on the type of the job, size of the job, and location of jobs. He or she must have the following abilities or be able to perform the following:

Tasks, duties, and responsibilities:

1. Observe and inspect work in progress; one of the most critical tasks of a working foreman. All work must be inspected to ensure it is correct and meets the specifications, as well as Simeral’s quality standards.

2. Manage schedules; set and implement day-to-day scheduling, and take an aggressive approach.

3. Manage and coordinate subcontractors and Simeral field staff ensuring they are safe, efficient, and organized. Responsible to manage Simeral field staff for strong productivity. Work to create a positive and respectful job site.

4. Assist Project Manager in developing, monitoring, and maintaining schedules, productivity, efficiency, and material pricing and purchasing.

5. Capable of building a strong relationship with Owners; communicate with them well and relay concerns and questions to Project Manager.

6. Ability to read and interpret blueprints, sketches, and drawings without hesitation, and understanding elevations, sections, and topography.

7. Able to stakeout, layout, and use transit/laser for foundation layout.

8. Perform all layout duties, including, but not limited to: hand-frame rafters, exterior and interior walls, truss systems and floor systems (standard and T.J.I.), and stair systems.

9. Capable of doing thorough takeoffs, of both rough framing and finish material. Order materials to be delivered at specific times to conform with schedule.

10. Have basic knowledge of mechanical systems, inclusive of plumbing, HVAC, and electrical.

11. Maintain a safe jobsite at all times. Keep a clean and organized jobsite at all times, both inside the building and outside on the site.

12. Maintain jobsite paperwork, inclusive of Daily Field Reports, Change Order Extra Work forms, Back-Charge forms, and as-built drawings. Review all time cards of those company employees working in your jobsite.

13. Maintain a professional appearance; be clean, neat, and tidy.

14. Maintain company tools, vehicles, and equipment; be clean and organized.

15. Maintain an excellent attendance record.

16. Must possess the ability to work on elevated surfaces, such as on roofs, from ladders, scaffolds, etc.; have the ability to properly lift and carry 75 pounds; and put work in place when not supervising.

A Lead Carpenter is a foreman in training, and just as important to the success of a project. He or she should:

1. Have thorough knowledge of use of all carpentry hand and power tools.

2. Tools required to be provided by carpenter are as follows: 2’ 4’ & 6’ levels, framing square, laser level, hand saws, hammers (trim, framing, mallet) pry bars, cats paw, chalk lines, dry lines, scribes, nail sets, block planes, chisels, tape measure (at least 25’), Carpenters pencils, utility knife, screw driver set, allen wrench set, and adjustable wrench, etc.

3. Ability to read and interpret blueprints.

4. Understand and implement instructions given by Foreman; must be able to work independtely

5. Ability to perform layout work, including hand frame roof systems, stud walls, truss layout, floor systems; stair systems using tapes, rulers, framing squares, and string lines.

6. Ability to mark and cut lumber, millwork, steel, concrete, to accurate lengths and configurations.

7. Ability to proficiently assemble parts and pieces as noted on drawings.

8. Ability to hang doors, set windows, install exterior cornice work including Boral and Azek materials, cement and wood siding, window and door trims.

9. Able to place and finish concrete in footers, crawl spaces, and unfinished slabs. Construct concrete forms for footers, slabs, and stairs.

10. Understand transit/laser operations, elevations, and foundation layout.

11. Ability to install interior millwork, on-site cabinetry construction, crown moldings, chair rails, raised panels, finish hardware, and countertops.

12. Be responsible for your own productivity and efficiency.

13. Maintain professional appearance and positive attitude.

14. Considerate of all customers and good representative of Company.

15. Use care and respect when utilizing SCC tools, equipment and vehicles.

16. Abide by all OSHA and safety guidelines.

17. Maintain an excellent attendance record.

18. Must possess the ability to work on elevated surfaces, on roofs, from ladders, scaffold, etc. and ability to properly lift and carry 75 pounds.

Salary and Benefits:

  • $60,000-$100,000 depending on experience.
  • Medical Insurance
  • Vision and dental insurance
  • Life and disability insurance
  • 401K safe harbor plan
  • up to 4 weeks of vacation
  • Company vehicle and cell phone
  • Annual bonus


  • 401(k)
  • Dental insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Vision insurance