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Kreider and Diller Builders, Inc. has been creating custom homes and quality commercial facilities for more than 60 years. We focus on consistent quality, attention to individual customer needs, proven reliability and cost-effective project management. With these traits, we have generated a reputation that we are proud to maintain.


Edwards Residence 1
Edwards Residence 2
Edwards Residence 3
Edwards Residence 4
Edwards Residence 5
Edwards Residence 6
Cope Residence 1
Cope Residence 2
Cope Residence 3
Cope Residence 4
Cope Residence 5
Cope Residence 6
Cope Residence 7
Miller's Crossing Clubhouse 1
Miller's Crossing Clubhouse 2
Nissley Winery 1
Nissley Winery 2
Northgate Condos 1
Northgate Condos 2
Northgate Condos 3
Northgate Condos 4
Hawthrone Ridge Community Center 1
Hawthrone Ridge Community Center 2
Hawthrone Ridge Community Center 3
Hawthrone Ridge Community Center 4
Strasburg Fire Co.
Radcliff Residence Addition 1
Radcliff Residence Addition 2
Fulton Residence Addition
Moore Residence 1
Moore Residence 2
Riva Addition/ Renovation 1
Riva Residence Addition/ Renovation 2
Riva Residence Addition/ Renovation 3
Riva Residence Addition/ Renovation 4
Mohn Residence Addition